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(Popularity Rate: 57 ) Are you real or a doll?

saying, “The real me is the body and mind together. I am a combination of mind and matter.”
I must then ask myself, “To whom is this thought appearing?”
I used to stand in front of a mirror and ask, “Who am I?” But the more important question I neglect to ask was, “Who is asking ‘who am I’?”
In other words, who is it that is AWARE of the question?
Let’s look at it another way:
When you were first born, who did you ‘think’ you were? Obviously, when you were born you had no knowledge of language, nor any information from the memory bank upon which to draw.
Therefore, as an infant, “I” was simply a bundle of Sensitivity — a bundle of PURE EXPERIENCING.
The infant experiences, but does not know WHAT the experience is…there is no name for experience. It cannot even distinguish itself from experience can it? It cannot even say, “this is my arm and that is the space in which my arm appears.” The infant knows nothing of its body or the world, it knows only sensation and perception. Yes?
Now, regardless of the inability to think or use memory, was that infant any less YOU than the YOU that exists in this moment as an adult who calls himself by the name “I”?
Is the “I” that you are NOW, not the same “I” which you were before you had language or thought?
Let’s look at it another way:
Is the “I” which you were at age 5 the same “I” you are now?
But how can this be when the thoughts, and feelings, and body “I” had at age 5 are totally different from what they are Now?
Still, is it not self evident that the “I” at age 5 is the same “I” that I am now? Is it not the same “I” that was present at age 10, and 20, and 30, and at yesterday’s lunch?
Therefore, “I” remain constant and steady even when the mind and body keep changing and evolving.
So who am I?
“’I’ is the KNOWING element in all experience.” – Rupert Spira
“I” is the simple fact of being AWARE, independent of what we are Aware of.
There is only ONE “I” which is the indivisible, ever present ‘space’ of KNOWING (or Consciousness) within which all minds, bodies, and the world appear and disappear.
Have you ever had ANY experience in which “I” was not present?
What else has always been with you, unchanging, steady and continuous?
The Present Moment.
I Am (the Present Moment).
Try right now to experience something OUTSIDE the field of Awareness. Is it possible?
And yet we believe that a world made of “matter” exists outside of ME/Awareness, despite having never experienced such a world.
The only experience of Realty that we have is thinking (mind), sensing (body), and perceiving (world).
What is the experience of thinking MADE of? If you reach out an imaginary hand and try to ‘touch’ thinking, do you find anything there other than the KNOWING of it?
How about the experience of sensing? Is it made of anything other than KNOWING?
And perception? That which we call ‘the world’ – try to touch the ‘dense objects’ that we call Japanese Sex Dolls‘matter’ in the world – are you actually touching anything, or is what you call ‘the steering wheel’ just a sensation floating in space?
Thought comes and divides reality, it tells you ‘this sensation is my hand on the wheel’, but the DIRECT experience is just a sensation floating in space. Go to your direct experience and ask, ‘what is it made of?’ and see if you can find anything other than KNOWING.
(This is based on Rupert Spira’s approach to investigating the nature of Reality).
The first part of your question, “How do you know what is the real you?”
Simply put, the REAL ME is the ONLY part of experience which is continuous, stable, and ever present. In any experience the only continuous presence is that which KNOWS or Witnesses experience. That is “I”
Ask yourself, “What is it without which experience would not be possible? That is “I”.
I hope that helps, I’m a little bit scattered at

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ing helplessly thrown around and used however I wish without being permitted to speak or provide any imput or voluntary reaction to be rather appealing, probably due to her submissive nature and how she can ju

(Popularity Rate: 88 ) What was your favorite item in your bedroom as a teenager?

e room. In my bedroom was a twin mattress set that I kept on the floor and had converted into a day bed using a bunch of large throw pillows, an antique white wicker rocking chair from my great-grandmother’s house that was great for reading in, a dresser that was hidden in a closet (I had two walk-in closets with folding louvered doors that took up an entire wall of my bedroom), a very large hope chest I kept on one end of my bed, some boxes Huge Tits Sex DollI painted and kept my Seventeen magazines in (I’d had subscriptions throughout high school), a mirror that seemed to be an antique and had probably been originally attached to a dressing table at one point, a three-tier hanging basket was suspended from my ceiling and held a bunch of stuffed animals and some purple and gold pom poms (high school colors), and a 1930s era Philco radio cabinet that no longer had a radio in it (also from my great-grandmother’s toy genie in real life house).
On the radio cabinet, I kept my dual cassette tape player with radio (aka boombox), and my cassettes were held inside. I used to have a photo of it with a dozen red roses added to the things I kept on it but I can’t seem to find it to share. I had an old pink lace triangle scarf I kept there as a doily that my grandmother used to wear to church. On the hope chest, I kept a large black lace shawl with a bunch of things on top that I had collected as well as a set of tarot cards and a crystal ball; it was set up as a sort of altar. Somewhere in my room, I was using a cow pelvis I had found in one of the pastures near the house as a way to hold books or albums from back when I had a record player.
I think my favorite item in the room was probably the radio cabinet. It was just a really cool piece of furniture that no one else I knew had and I liked the juxtaposition of it with my boombox. I was a huge fan of The Waltons and they had a radio in the living room of their house that was such a big part of their lives it was incorporated in the opening credits of the show. I wanted to cry when

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ng room unless it’s specifically being put there for communal use. Then I’ll probably never let them live it down.
If it’s somebody I don’t know well, I’ll definitely be amused, but not say toy genie in real life anything. Eventually the host will notice and move it, most likely. Unless they normally just keep their paraphernalia strewn about the place. In which case I have inherited a very unusual roommate and we’d probably have to discuss things like “c’mon

(Popularity Rate: 69 ) People who enter homes for a living (maintenance, cable contractors, etc.), what’s the strangest thing you’ve encountered when entering someone’s home?

r home design and furnishings budgets.
I’ve seen so many crazy things that even I can’t share with friends and family because they will think I’m just trying to be outrageous. And they already know just how bizarre most of my clients are.
Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the oddest thing I’ve ever seen. But I can give you a few examples. I don’t blame you if you don’t believe me. But trust me when I say that this short list is actually not close to the oddest. I’m under an NDA with many of my clients, and won’t betray them.
A home that was it’s own little town. All of these features were not scaled down or “private sized”. Full scale dedicated buildings. It had a night club, fully equipped gym, movie theater, bowling alley, horse stables, indoor and outdoor horse farms, handball courts, full NBA basketball court, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, health spa, four pools inside and out, a fully stocked private lake, go kart tracks, golf course, helipad, runway with airplane hanger (no planes), dozens of exotic cars, a fully equipped auto maintenance shop, a museum full of fossils and rare paintings/sculptures, a fleet of Bently golf carts, and a deck off the master bedroom that could hold several hundred people. Dozens of kitchens. Guest houses that were mini estates. There’s more about this “home” that I’d love to share, but can’t.
Another client had a full sized circa 1600’s style Italian Catholic church in her house. I’m talking about a church that could easily hold 200 people. Pipe organ, marble and stained glass everywhere.
One client’s home looked like they bought the entire contents of a medieval castle. Enormous furniture. Hundreds of statues, a wood banquet table that seated 80. A Chandelier you can go inside of. Thousands of oil paintings. Indoor fountains. The thing that struck me most was even though the house was enormous, it was nearly impossible to navigate around the place. It was ten tons of shit in a five ton space. Like a warehouse for castle accessories.
A three story pool that sorta was half in and half out of the house.
A completely buried missile silo house. Six stories. The driveway lead to an enormous glass dome that served as the “lighting shaft” for the center of the home. Every inch of the interior was constructed and furnished with the absolute best of everything money can buy.
A ranch house tower that overlooked a property that was “seven miles by seven miles” as the owner loved to tell us every day. Had a full sized antique railroad system. Fully stocked with exotic game. Two catering halls and a restaurant with full time staff. Small hotel. The back story is that he originally intended to make it a hunting resort for the extremely wealthy but changed his mind after it was finished.
A home that was designed by George Lucas for a friend or relative. Not sure. Awesome as hell. Deep in a forest. Glass walls, every inch. Long wide hallways and interior paths that wandered all over the place. None of the rooms were overly huge or opulent. But it gave you the feeling like you were wandering around inside a forest inside of a glass shell. Hard to explain.
The “fake house”. Located in a wealthy gated neighborhood. Looks exactly like a normal upscale 5,000 Sq ft house from the outside. But, completely unfurnished. Nobody lived in it. It’s purpose was to serve as a secret exit for a large estate at the top of a hill near the house. The owner wanted the ability to come and go without the press knowing, who were keeping close tabs on this guy. So he’d walk down a tunnel from his main house, and come out inside the fake house. He had several normal luxury cars in the garage which he’d pull out of the garage and drive away.
Perhaps my favorite crazy feature of all time: One of my more eccentric clients told me one day that he could “…crawl under his entire house from one end to the other without getting dirty.” He was grinning like a little boy with an awesome secret. Probably the craziest sentence anyone has ever said to me. So I asked him to explain. He takes me by the arm into his enormous home theater, rolls back a rug to reveal a trap door in the floor. Opens it up to reveal a shimmering white silk fabric lined tunnel. And I proceed to crawl behind him through this padded silk tunnel that extended from one side of his house to the other. Came out in a utility room off the garage. He was laughing and asked me the last time I ever saw anything like it. I had to admit that this was definitely the first, which made him cry with laughter. (WTF?). I asked him if it was an access crawlspace to service the wiring or plumbing? Nope. He said “When I was a little kid I always wanted to build a tunnel under my parents house. I thought about it all the time. So, eventually I built one under mine!” Okay. I guess. I’ve run into other contractors who know this guy and they all ask if he made me crawl under his house.
Most people don’t understand what it’s like to have billions of dollars. Well, from my experience working with those people it seems like you can do anything you want to. It’s their money and they can do whatever they want to with it. Yes they donate huge sums to charity. But they still have plenty left over for whatever they want to do. If you had a couple extra billion dollars burning a hole in your pocket you’d probably be surprised just how crazy of a house you can build and furnish. So having an aquarium in your living room that you can scuba dive inside of really doesn’t seem all that extravagant. Especially when you can pull it off without really feeling any pinch in your wallet.
The most crazy thing of all?
Most of these houses are not lived in. Several of the homes I’ve mentioned here don’t have occupants. In fact, the owners have never even been to them. They’re just tax write offs.
I’ve been to plenty of fully staffed estates where none of the employees have ever met the family that owns it. Apparently the Heinz family is like that. Huge fully staffed estates all over the world that they’ve never even visited.
One of my clients has extravagant estates all over the world, yet actually lives alone in a small cottage overlooking a national park. Drives a stock Toyota and looks like your neighbor Bob. No one would ever suspect he is one of the richest men in history.
To each his own.
Update: Many people have PMd me to say that they have never heard of any homes like this in Austin, Texas. And they’re right. Only one of these homes is in Austin. The rest are located all over the country and a few are in other countries. My career takes me all over the world. People fly me in to look at chandeliers that weigh several tons and were built in place during the original construction. Quite a few of the wealthiest people in the world are known as “stealthy wealthy”. They have no desire to be recognized or acknowledged, and for good reason. Not all of my clients obtained their wealth by curing cancer. Some of them are in businesses that don’t have websites. Most of them aren’t “famous”. People need to stop thinking that rich & famous are synonymous. In fact, most “celebrities” are barely wealthy. They buy “drywall mansions” and Love Dollpimp them out with horrifically overpriced junk because their grossly hyperinflated egos seduced them into working with botox & silicone “interior decorators” who are mostly pop-whores who prey on the neurotic insecurities of the “temp rich” kids who get sorta rich quick posting bullshit fashion tweets.( I just wish you people would take a moment and look to see where your plastic heros of 2022 are today. Most of them are flat broke, in rehab, back in moms basement. Make an effort to choose better heros.)
I do work in that arena, because money is money. I am an outsider by design and have successfully avoided joining any cliques. I don’t like that crowd at all. At the end of the day they’re overnight sensations that will be dirt poor five years from now and will barely leave a greasy stain where they once ruled Supreme.
I don’t even belong to ANY industry associations. I could have an alphabet of prestigious titles after my name, but I don’t. Why don’t I? Because I’m just not wired like that. Plus, I wouldn’t get half the jobs I do. My best clients totally understand and appreciate that I am not a self promoting attention whore.
My postings here aren’t eve

(Popularity Rate: 37 ) Should I buy a sex toy or go for real sex.?

Honestly, it depends on your situation in life. If you find yourself in such a situation where you love to have sex and most of the times you are unable to get sex, for whatever the reasons, then it is best that you buy a sex toy.
In either case when you have a sex toy with you, you will be able to have the best of both worlds. You can have sex whenever you wan tit – whether or not someone is there with you or not!
I always have a sex toy genie in real life toy with me, even though I do have BFs.